Thursday, February 19, 2009

and now a word from our sponsor....

not really. i have no sponsors, except my wallet and my wife - who puts up with way more from this garden geek than she should.

i did want to do a shout out to farmer fred hoffman, local gardener guy on the radio every sunday from 830 am to noon, starting on 1530 AM (kfbk) and moving over to 650 AM (kste) at 10 am. i love his show, its fun to listen to (especially when he and darcy paulin go at it) and at times, find i actually pick up a thing or ten to file away in my brain somewhere.

in case you are listening during the garden grappler (the prize section of the show on kste) and hear a 'garry from diamond springs' - thats me! i have been the big prize winner twice and smaller prize winners several other times. listen to fred, i bet you would enjoy it.

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