Thursday, February 19, 2009

the first summer - part 3

the shed is now done and my attention turns to my future garden area. my backyard is on a, roughly southward facing slope with tall pine trees, a big oak tree and a pretty thick patch of manzanita. after noodling on the best spot for the future garden, i decided it needed to be up on the higher portion of the slope - right where the thicket of manzanita was growing.

my backyard is pretty much been wild land until i was called in to tame it, there was a thick mat of pine needles and accumulated tree fall that covered my future garden area. one would think that this would be prime ground from so many years of decomposition - but alas - it wasnt meant to be. using my grandfather's chainsaw (thanks pa!) - i cut out the manzanita, hauling off the limbs for shredding - what can be shred, and saving the larger limbs for smoking wood. (if any of you smoke salmon or jerky - manzanita is awesome, its a fruit wood, its hard and is all i use and best of all usually free!)

next came the pulling of the manzanita trunks. fortunately, i have a 4x4, 3/4 ton pickup truck - this permitted me to wrap chain (thanks again pa!) around the trunks, connecting the chain to my truck and with a quick pop - most of the trunks came out pretty easy. i was surprised how shallow rooted manzanita - in general were. with the trunks now cleared i could get the into the area and start clearing the ground for my garden. at this point, i hadnt realized raised beds were in my future - but there was still quite a bit of work before i could even plant anything in the ground. winter of 2005/2006 was starting, as my sabbat came to an end and at the end of october, i had to head back to work.

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