Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a bed has been made

well, here you have it - a finished bed. this particular bed is 10 feet in length and will hold approximately 2 yards of soil

you will notice the nickel wires connected between the long sides of the bed - this is my attempt to stiffen the trex - in the event that summer temperatures soften the trex enough to flex and bow it out of shape.

the bottom of the bed is lined with chicken wire to keep out any gopher or mole type critters. although, i havent seen any on my property, i figured now was time to line the bed. could you imagine having to dig out the dirt to line the bed if i did it later? each bed has pvc pipe stubbed into it - connecting back to a controller to automate watering during vacations.

down the road, i plan to place 2x4 redwood along the top edges of the trex to finish off each bed. this will also allow a place to sit when working the beds.

1 comment:

  1. I wish we would have stiffened the beds width-wise because the Trex does indeed bow. It is much more noticeable if the length is more than 6 feet...