Friday, February 20, 2009

a surprise cherry tomato variety hits a home run

i use starts for my tomatoes and on my quest to capital nursery to purchase my plants for 2008, i was searching for a variety i had heard rave reports about but ended up with a variety that knocked my socks off.

sweet million is a red cherry tomato which farmer fred holds in high regard. i was unable to find it at any of the nurseries i frequent but in my search for it, i ran across a variety which may be even more important than sweet million - and that variety is called sun gold.

sun gold is a yellow cherry variety and the tag attached to it - described it in a manner that really caught my attention. the tag, however, did not state that if you grow this tomato, it will forever change your perception of cherry tomatoes. that fruit was awesome and i can honestly say that there will be at least one sun gold growing in my garden every year - for the foreseeable future. small, 1/2-3/4 inch bright orange/yellowish tomatoes - in trusses of 10-20 tomatoes cover the plant. the fruit is surprisingly sweet and in my opinion is the ne-plus-ultra for cherry tomatoes.

if you prefer a more toamto-ish/acidic flavor, you might find this isnt the tomato for you. however, if sweetness in a tomato isnt a deterrent - i think you will not be disappointed in sun gold. we at GGG (Garry's Garden Gnus) gives sun gold a 2 thumbs up!

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