Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009 seeds that we have started

as i mentioned in a previous post, i usually buy tomato starts. primarily for 2 reasons - 1, i am not setup properly to do the seed thing and 2, i could be sure of getting the varieties of tomatoes i wanted. that changed in 2008. i looked for and could not find 'sweet million' cherry tomato and i found sun gold. knowing that i absolutely had to have sun gold in the garden for 2009, wanting to try sweet million and finding a sport of sun gold - sun sugar - i had to ensure my 2009 garden had those varieties.

enter a new hire at the firm where i work. lets call him 'keith' to hide his true identity. soon after he was hired, 'keith' and i intersected on some computing work and in general conversation between troubleshooting we found that we had a shared interest - nay, not an interest - a passion for gardening!

we talked shop - garden shop - and soon found we could help each other out in our gardening endeavors. his gardening space is near zero for the short term, but he had seed starting gear. i have an abundance of space - and no seed starting gear. so a plan was hatched. he would be the seed starter guy and i would grow the plants this year keeping him well equipped with tomatoes throughout the summer.

my order to totally tomatoes rocketed off - across the ether, via the internet and 10 days later we were in business. 'keith' quickly got to work and we had plants shortly there after. as you can see, he has a pretty sweet setup and thanks to his wife's high tolerance for his garden geekiness (my wife has the same trait) we will be ready for transplants in late april.
these are the seeds 'keith' got going
  • sungold cherry tomato
  • sunsugar cherry tomato
  • sweet million cherry tomato
  • jet sonic medium size tomato (free pkt)
  • gemini sweet bell pepper
  • lilac sweet bell pepper
  • purple beauty sweet bell pepper
  • a pepper variety similar to a hungarian pepper (free pkt)
a big shout out to 'keith' for his help and eagerness to raise these seeds. stay tuned for seedling progress.

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  1. Do you remember the date that I planted these? I didn't write it down but I believe that these seedlings are now 5 weeks old. I have some new pictures up for you too on the other blog...I don't see a way to upload to this post. check out for the new pics. I'm tracking this growing season to log what works and what doesn't. The plan is to document fertilizers on a % of these to track growth rates.