Thursday, February 19, 2009

surprise! - we can now see our neighbors

with the manzanita patch cleared, my wife was none too happy to discover that she was able to look right through - what used to be a manzanita patch - and now see the neighbors house. i basically ruined a view she enjoyed since we moved into the house. undaunted, i quickly replied - 'but, honey - thats where my - uh, er Our!, garden is going.'; needless to say, that didnt do too much to help out the situation.

and i could not replant the manzanita..... so there was only one way to go.... and that was forward.. albeit slowly.

we are now into november/december 2005. all project money had been tapped- so times like that require me to continue to look for no cost projects at the house. this meant i was going to be raking up the ~6-7 inches of tree fall/pine needles/manzanita flotsam in my future garden area. ( i just mentioned the word 'garden', so in case you think i forgot this was a garden blog, i am keeping it relevant). this cleanup took many weeks as i was hindered by poor weather, short days, holidays, etc. but by the first of the year (2006), the site was generally clean and ready for the next stage. which wouldnt occur until 2008!

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